Our Brand Refresh Journey: Turning Over a New Leaf

CEO of Thankyou Payroll David, shares the reason we decided to venture on our brand refresh journey – together.

Good things are happening here at Thankyou Payroll, and after months of work, we’re finally ready to share some exciting changes with you.

Next week, we’ll be debuting a refreshed look and feel for Thankyou Payroll.

But before we do this, we want to be completely transparent about our journey to get to this point – after all, it’s your journey too.

Over a series of blogs, you’ll get to learn more about the path we’ve taken and the destination we’ve landed at. Starting with our why.

Over to David, our CEO, with the reason we decided to venture on this journey – together.

First-time CEO and CEO of Thankyou Payroll, David Morrison

David Morrison, CEO of Thankyou Payroll

Why this journey?

In June last year, there were some pretty significant changes at Thankyou Payroll. I stepped into the role of CEO, and our leadership team welcomed three new members.

As we familiarised ourselves with the business and our customers, it became apparent that our customers placed an enormous amount of trust in the services we deliver. We do not take that responsibility lightly, so we started to explore how we could enhance this sense of safety, security, and transparency – in order to continue to form meaningful, long-term relationships with our customers.

Two clear streams of work emerged from these conversations:

The first was to modernise our product and respond specifically to the needs of our customers. This work is being led by Merissa, our Head of Product. Merissa and the Product Team are making some really exciting adjustments to our payroll system – which we’ll share with you over the coming months.

Alongside this project, we wanted to review how we presented ourselves to you and the wider world. This work wasn’t just about redecorating Thankyou Payroll. It was about who we are, who our customers are, and how we build lasting relationships with you.

This piece informs our product modernisation, so it is an important first step for us to take. It sets the tone for who we are so that all work that follows can flow on from that.

Setting the course

Working collaboratively on such a significant project was essential. Alick, Maia, Merissa, Tom and Yen formed our cross-organisation team to provide unique perspectives and champion the voices of our customers.

As a team we agreed that this project needed to:

  • maintain the human touch that Thankyou Payroll is known for,
  • mature the way we present ourselves, and
  • deliver a refreshed look and feel which lets customers know they are at the centre of our thinking.

I’m really confident that our refreshed approach will deliver on these three goals – making you feel secure, energised and connected. That’s because we delivered this project in partnership with our customers.

The next blog in this series will detail how our customers were central to this change – so be sure to check it out.

If you’ve got any questions about this process which I didn’t cover here, please leave a comment below.