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Payrolling with us

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Will Thankyou Payroll calculate my payroll for me?

Yes. Simply input your employee’s hours and we’ll calculate the rest in line with IRD legislation – including your leave, holiday pay, PAYE and Kiwisaver. Remember, as an employer it is still your responsibility to ensure your employees are set up correctly and your final figures check out before you confirm your pay.

Do you take care of Kiwisaver & PAYE too?

Yes. As an IRD accredited PAYE Intermediary, we help you to fulfil your responsibilities as an employer by correctly distributing your Kiwisaver, PAYE, and other IRD payments on your behalf. Simply confirm your pay, transfer the funds, and we’ll do the rest.

Do I still need to worry about payday filing?

Nope – leave the nitty gritty paperwork to us. As your PAYE Intermediary, we interact with IRD on your behalf, helping you to save time, stay compliant and avoid unwanted fines.

Can I still use Thankyou Payroll as a self-employed worker?

Yes. Whether you’re a team of 1 or 20 – Thankyou Payroll works exactly the same. Simply set yourself up as an employee and you’re good to go.

How often can I pay my staff?

As little or as often as you like – your pay period is entirely up to you. Our fees work on a ‘per pay’ basis, meaning you’re charged a fixed rate + a ‘per employee’ rate every time you run a pay.

How payroll works in NZ

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What is cloud based payroll software?

Cloud-based payroll software is accessed, stored and managed through the internet (as opposed to a programme installed on your device). Using cloud-based payroll software means you can run payroll efficiently while ensuring that your payroll information is safely stored on an online server. This is an easy way to cut out the paperwork and keep risks to a minimum.

What is a PAYE Intermediary?

A PAYE Intermediary is a party that engages with IRD on your behalf and assists you to fulfil your legal obligations as an employer. 

These services include:

  • Filing your employee information forms within two working days.
  • Paying IRD the deductions made from your employees’ pay each month. 
  • Resolving queries with IRD.

PAYE Intermediaries can be payroll software providers (like Thankyou Payroll), accountants or tax agents.

Do I need to use a payroll software to run payroll?

It’s not a necessity but it will certainly make your life easier and could save you money down the line – especially as a small business with a million other things to do. As a PAYE Intermediary and payroll software, Thankyou Payroll helps you to stay compliant and avoid unwanted fines. Plus, you can get payroll support as and when you need it!

What are the steps to process payroll?

Your payroll process depends on whether you have chosen to tackle all of your payroll obligations by yourself, or you have opted to share the load with a payroll provider such as Thankyou Payroll. 

Choosing a PAYE Intermediary & payroll software such as Thankyou Payroll greatly reduces the time and effort it takes to run a pay. All you need to do is input your employees’ hours to our payroll software, choose a payday, and transfer your funds. From here, we run the calculations and take care of your payday filing, employee payslips, PAYE, Kiwisaver, and other tax payments. 

Learn more about the steps to process a pay with Thankyou Payroll.

Getting started

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How do I sign up to Thankyou Payroll?

You can sign up here for free. You’ll be asked to create an account and provide some details about your business before gaining access to our software. We know that choosing a payroll software isn’t something you can do in a day which is why we don’t charge anything until you run your first pay.

I'm new to payroll. How do I make sure I'm doing it correctly?

Our favourite question! Our onboarding process is designed to set you up for success from Day 1 – with payroll experts on hand to help you along the way. Plus we have a number of free resources to help you brush up on the payroll ‘need to knows’. Check out our Payroll Encyclopedia to learn more.

I've just signed up. What now?

We’re glad you asked! First things first, we need you to file an IR920 with us and ensure that you are registered as an employer with IRD. Once you’ve checked off those two things, you’re ready to start using our software. Check your inbox or visit our Getting Started Hub for step by step instructions to get you from your IR920 to your first pay in no time.

How do I transfer payroll from one company to another?

Switching payroll providers may seem like a headache at first, but our Customer Support Team is here to make that all go away! Get personalised support from one of our friendly payroll experts to ensure a seamless transition of your payroll data to the Thankyou Payroll system. Your employees won’t even notice the difference!

Software features

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Do you have an employee app?

Yes. Our Employee App is free to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Does your payroll software integrate with Xero?

Yes. Thankyou Payroll seamlessly integrates with Xero, allowing you to see all of your figures in one place. Simply categories your payroll data in our system and put it all into Xero in just one click.

Can I make non-taxable payments with your payroll system?

Yes. In addition to taxable payments, our payroll software caters to non-taxable payments such as allowances and reimbursements too.

Do you have pay automation?

We have a number of pay shortcuts to help you save time with regular employment patterns. You can set default pays to make it easy to import your standard pays, or you can set up total pay automation.

Do you have a reporting function?

Yes. Our software offers a number of standard payroll reports that you can download.

Will Thankyou Payroll tell me my leave liability?

Yes. This is essential to your business’ planning – so we make this easily accessible.

Can I pay casual employees with your software?

Of course. Simply toggle employees on and off for each pay period with no extra charge for storing their details in our system. Opt for Holiday Pay to be added to their pay too.

Pricing & plans

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How much does it cost to run payroll with Thankyou Payroll?

Thankyou Payroll offers the best pricing in the game, with payroll plans starting from $7 a month.

Our fees work on a ‘per pay’ basis, meaning you’re charged a fixed rate + a ‘per employee’ rate every time you run a pay. The fixed rate is $6 and the ‘per employee’ rate is $2 for the Fast Plan and $1 for the 2 Day Plan. We also cap your fees every month so that you don’t pay over a certain amount. Calculate your price here.

Is it free to sign up?

Yes! You only pay for the pays you run and employees you pay – seasonal is fine

Do we pay more for your PAYE Intermediary service?

No. We believe this is an essential service for small and medium businesses. This is all included in your monthly price.

How can we pay you?

The easiest way to pay Thankyou Payroll is via direct debit. This means you don’t have to think about making payments. Alternatively, you can manually transfer the funds to Thankyou Payroll.

Is your service really free for charities?

Our payroll service is 100% free for charities. Offering a free service to charities means they can invest more money in making good things happen in the communities they are serving.

How much does your payroll support cost?

Nothing! Payroll can be tricky and we don’t want to stand in the way of you getting the help you need which is why our Payroll Support Team will give you same-day service completely free of charge.

What different plans do you offer?

Thankyou Payroll offers two different plans: the Fast Plan and the Two Day Plan. 

Our Fast Plan prioritises cash flow and means you can transfer to Thankyou Payroll the night before your employees are paid. Whereas our Two Day Plan is a good option for businesses looking to keep their casts to a minimum. Learn more about our payroll plans.

Is it easy to switch plans?

It couldn’t be easier. Our payroll plans are entirely flexible meaning you can switch plans between pay periods with the click of a button – at no extra cost.

Payroll support

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Who makes the changes when payroll legislation changes?

We keep a very close eye on any upcoming legislation changes and ensure our software is up to date. We always remind you when a change is coming up and whether any actions are required of you. We also keep you informed about other big payroll events such as public holidays and EOFY!

Can we call you if we need help?

Of course! Payroll isn’t always a walk in the park so having helpful and reliable phone support is a no brainer for us. In fact, our friendly payroll experts have an average wait time of less than 2 minutes over the phone! Our number is 04 488 7531 or you can also email us at

How do I contact Thankyou Payroll?

Our friendly payroll experts are just an email or a phone call away. Email us at or call us on 04 488 7531.

Where should I go if I need help with my payroll?

You’ve come to the right place.

Not only do we have a first class Customer Support Team at Thankyou Payroll, but we have a team of Education Specialists, creating and issuing resources for you to make sure your payroll is compliant. We also send you regular reminders about public holidays, EOFY, and more.

Here are a few different ways you can get help with your payroll:

Partnering with us

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How do I become a Thankyou Payroll Partner?

Joining our Partner Community will immediately register you as a Partner with Thankyou Payroll.

What is the Thankyou Payroll Partner Community and how do I join?

The Partner Community is an unmissable opportunity to connect with a diverse network of Thankyou Payroll partners, upskill in payroll, better resource your clients, and access exclusive deals and product insights. To join the Community, fill out your business details here and you’re good to go!

Does it cost to join the Partner Community?

Nope! Joining the Thankyou Payroll Partner Community is completely free! Plus, once you start having clients with us, we’ll do your business’ payroll for no charge at all!

Do I have to have clients using Thankyou Payroll to join the Community?

No – our Community is open to anyone looking to learn more about Thankyou Payroll, payroll in general, or connect with others in the same field!

Who can partner with Thankyou Payroll?

Our Partner Community is open to anyone and everyone managing payroll on their clients’ behalf whether you’re an accountant, bookkeeper, business advisor, or virtual assistant. You don’t have to have clients with Thankyou Payroll to become a member.

Our impact

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What does carbon-positive mean?

Being carbon-positive means you are offsetting more emissions than you put out. As a carbon-positive organisation certified by Ekos, Thankyou Payroll offsets 120% of our emissions. This year (2023) we did this through the Rameka Forest Carbon Project in New Zealand and the Drawa Rainforest Conservation Project in Fiji. As signatories of the Climate Leaders Coalition, Thankyou Payroll is actively working to reduce our overall emissions too.

Is it true that Thankyou Payroll is owned by a charity?

That’s all part of the plan! As we speak, we’re transitioning ownership of Thankyou Payroll from our shareholders to Generous Ventures — a charitable trust that will use our profits to deliver lasting and meaningful outcomes for Aotearoa New Zealand.

What is payroll giving NZ?

Payroll giving is a system that allows employees to donate directly from their pay (to a charity of their choice) and get an immediate 33.33% tax credit – back into that same pay. Our payroll software makes it easy for you to toggle this on for your employees should they choose it.

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for?

Get in touch with one of our friendly payroll experts today. Our average wait time over the phone is less than 2 minutes!