Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to your questions about Thankyou Payroll – a payroll software and accredited PAYE intermediary making good things happen.

Getting started

I want to join Thankyou Payroll. What do I do?

You can join us directly from our website. You’ll be asked to create an account and provide some details about your business. Remember to send us a signed IR920 form, so that we are linked to your business as your PAYE Intermediary.

Before you do this, make sure you’re registered as an employer with IRD as this is an essential step in employing staff.

I’ve just signed up. What now?

You can start by adding employees onto your account. You’ll need to set up their standard pay rates, work pattern and leave entitlements – this will ensure they are paid correctly from day one.

Someone from our onboarding team will be in touch with you shortly after you join us to make sure you’re set up for success.

I’m ready to run my first pay. What days can I pay my staff?

Due to New Zealand banking processes, you can set your pay day as a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

I currently use another payroll provider. Can I switch to Thankyou Payroll?

Yes! After you join us, one of our onboarding specialists will reach out to help you transfer your information across so that your employees don’t notice a thing.

How often can I pay my staff?

You can process pays through Thankyou Payroll as often as you’d like. This could be weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or more. Just remember your monthly invoice is based on the number of pays you run each month – so you may wish to consider your pay frequency to reduce costs.

How do I let IRD know that I’ve run a pay?

We take care of that. Employee information forms and employee deductions will automatically be filed with IRD on your behalf. 

I’ve made a mistake running my first pay. What should I do?

Our payroll specialists are just a phone call away and are on hand to help. Contact us during regular business hours on 0800 895 146. You can also email us at

Let’s talk payroll

Will Thankyou Payroll calculate my payroll for me?

Yes. You’ll just input your employee’s hours and we’ll calculate the rest. You’ll still need to confirm the final figures and ensure your employees are set up correctly to avoid mistakes.

Will Thankyou Payroll tell me my leave liability?

Yes. This is essential to your business’ planning – so we make this easily accessible.

Do I still need to create my own reports?

You’ll get a number of standard payroll reports that you can download. These suit most businesses – but you may want to make some adjustments. This can easily be done through our exported spreadsheets.

Who makes the changes when legislation changes?

We do. Cloud-based payroll software like Thankyou Payroll is updated regularly to match payroll legislation. We’re already working on the proposed changes to the Holidays Act.

We pay the same employees the same amount each payday. Do I still need to set up their pays manually each time?

We have a number of options to suit you. You can set default pays to make it easy to import your standard pays, or you can set up total pay automation.

Can employees fill out their own timesheets?

Not yet, but watch this space.

Will you send Xero my payroll information?

Our seamless Xero integration allows you to set up job codes and track costs which are then pushed into Xero automatically.


Are there any hidden fees?

No. We’re upfront about the cost so you can plan for your success.

What if we pay a different number of employees each month?

You’re only billed for the number of individual employees you pay each month. If you pay fewer staff in one month, you’ll pay less.

What different plans do you offer?

You can opt for our fast plan or two day plan. The fast plan means you can transfer to Thankyou Payroll the night before your employees are paid. This is helpful for businesses where cash flow is a priority. Check out our pricing page to learn more.

As a small business, do we still get the same service?

Absolutely. Everyone using Thankyou Payroll gets the same experience – including free phone support, Xero integration and access to our free onboarding service.

Do we pay more for your PAYE intermediary service?

No. We believe this is an essential service for small and medium businesses. This is all included in your monthly price. 

How can we pay you?

The easiest way to pay Thankyou Payroll is via direct debit. This means you don’t have to think about making payments. Alternatively, you can manually transfer the funds to Thankyou Payroll. 

What if I need to cancel my account?

We understand that some businesses may stop employing staff so no longer require our service. You can cancel at any time and aren’t locked into any lengthy contracts. 

Is your service really free for charities?

Our payroll service is 100% free for charities. Offering a free service to charities means they can invest more money in making good things happen in the communities they are serving.

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