Gifting Some Good to Aotearoa New Zealand

Last month, we gave $500 to each member of the Thankyou Payroll team, to donate to a kiwi charity of their choice. Keep reading to find out exactly where those donations went…

The story behind ‘Gift Some Good’

On 1st September, Thankyou Payroll was feeling generous (a little more than usual). 

In celebration of Random Acts of Kindness Day, we launched ‘Gift Some Good’; an initiative to empower our staff to donate to a cause which is meaningful to them.

Each member of our team was given $500 to put towards a kiwi charity of their choice. And boy, do we wish we could do this every week.

As a purpose driven business, we’re always behind supporting others beyond ourselves. But we certainly weren’t prepared for this initiative to bring our team together as much as it has.

Hearing the heartfelt stories of why our colleagues chose their charities, and their sincere gratitude for being able to do so, was truly uplifting for all of us – if not a little moving too.

We just had to share these stories with you too. After all, you’re the people who allow us to make good things like this happen.

Where our gifts went

So where did our donations actually go? Here’s the Thankyou Payroll Team with the charity they chose to donate to and why…

I chose to donate to RainbowYOUTH after learning that they had experienced a horrific arson attack at their site in Tauranga. Not only did this shocking event prove that homophobia is alive and well in this country but it also proved that organisations such as RainbowYOUTH – who provide vital support to the rainbow community across this country – are desperately needed. It feels pretty great to bring a little bit of brightness to this organisation in what must be a tough time for them, and it’s awesome to see Thankyou Payroll supporting the team to live our values of generosity and kindness.

Alick Draper

Donating to RainbowYOUTH

I have lost a cousin and nephew, both under the age of 20, to suicide. I have also lost a former work friend and a friend from High School. I know first hand how important it is to have support systems in place, for these people and their families. When you lose someone to suicide you feel helpless and wish you could have done something to help. With this donation I now finally feel like I have done something positive to help end suicide in NZ. And for that, I feel incredibly proud.

Amanda Hoare

Donating to Life Matters Suicide Prevention Trust

I have been directly affected by someone who has taken their own life on more than one occasion so this cause is very close to my heart. Kiwis are in need of more support, now more than ever, with the recent pandemic increasing the number of suicides in our country – especially amongst our tamariki. That’s why learning that my donation will enable the Hope Centre (a drop in safe space where people can go if they are feeling suicidal or have been affected by suicide) to be open for a full day gave me all the warm fuzzy feels. I would have not been able to donate this amount myself raising a young family so I’m truly grateful and thankful to be given the opportunity to truly make a difference in my community.

Beckie Coe

Donating to Life Matters Suicide Prevention Trust

Like many Kiwis, I have been exposed to the harsh and saddening impacts of mental health challenges – through personal experience, whānau and friends. This has taught me enough to know that we need to get people talking and opening up if we are to have any chance of reducing the suicide rate in Aotearoa New Zealand. This means breaking the stigma that still pervades mental health issues and that’s what The Key to Life Charitable Trust is all about. I feel pretty uplifted knowing that my donation could have a direct impact on changing someone’s mindset or supporting their counselling.

David Morrison

Donating to The Key to Life Charitable Trust

I wanted my donation to go somewhere I could witness having a direct positive impact on my community. I also know that mental health is an underfunded and under-resourced sector in Aotearoa. That’s why I chose to donate to WEKA (Wellness, Empathy, Kindness, Aotearoa); they’re a local, grassroots charity who support community mental health in Ōtepoti Dunedin. I hope my donation can help them with operational costs to keep up the good mahi they’re already doing.

Hamish Fyfe

Donating to WEKA

It’s not easy navigating the world as a young person and I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without the strong support network I have around me. However, having these people in my life that I can go to when the going gets tough is certainly a privilege. That’s why the work that Youthline does is incredibly important. They are a shoulder to lean on for so many, and to know that my donation will indirectly support other young kiwis like myself is a pretty reassuring feeling.

Maia Reid

Donating to Youthline

The work that the West Harbour Beautification volunteers have done to improve the environment and amenities of Dunedin’s West Harbour area has been seriously impactful and important. I’ve even leant a hand a couple of times as they operate in my local area. However, volunteer-based work certainly isn’t an easy road so I really wanted to help bring a spark back to their work. Thanks to Thankyou Payroll, I’ve been able to do exactly that. The money I’ve donated is already earmarked to help with the maintenance of a fruit tree bank in Port Chalmers so that this summer, everyone will be better able to access and enjoy the free fruit. I can’t wait to see this donation really come alive in my backyard.

Renee Gordon

Donating to West Harbour Beautification Trust

The work of BAPS Charities is driven by an ethos of selfless service, empowering individuals to engage in projects that better one’s community, country and the world – from Health Awareness, Educational Services, Humanitarian Relief, Environmental Protection & Preservation and Community Empowerment. I’m a strong believer that if everyone held just a little piece of this ethos, the world would be a better place for all. Passing on this donation has motivated me even further to give more good to the people around me.

Shivangi Maheshvari

Donating to BAPS Charities

I absolutely love animals. I have spent my life surrounded by them and I used to volunteer at the SPCA all the time, helping to train up dogs and find them a new family. Nothing will ever beat returning to a shift to find out one of the dogs had been adopted.That’s why I’m absolutely stoked to be able to give my donation to the SPCA. I hope my contribution will go a long way in helping more disadvantaged animals in New Zealand to find their forever home.

Silvana Schlieper

Donating to SPCA

As a Wellington resident, I have always been so impressed by the Free Ambulance service here. My family and I have required their service a few times and each time they have been exceptionally kind and efficient in getting us the help we need. I have always believed that being part of a community means actively trying to support the people around you who support you. It feels great to be able to give back to the Wellington Free Ambulance and I hope my donation will help them to continue the fantastic work that they do.

Sonul Dutt

Donating to Wellington Free Ambulance

I have grown up having pets all my life and currently have three cats whom I love with all my heart. I feel very hurt when hearing about animals being abandoned or ill treated by owners. Animals deserve to be treated with respect, care and love and the SPCA is a charity that truly understands this. Not only do they take animals in need under their wing, but they actively raise awareness about animal cruelty, helping to create more widespread change in our society. If my donation can make even the slightest difference to help the SPCA to spread love and kindness towards innocent animals, I’ll be more than happy.

Susannah Smith-Campbell

Donating to SPCA

One of the most important values I have learnt from my Catholic upbringing is human dignity. All humans are worthy of respect and when we stand by the poor, the vulnerable and the oppressed, we uphold their dignity. The Catholic Caring Foundation supports poverty-stricken families by helping them to fulfil their most basic needs. But it’s more than that. The positive energy generated when caring for these people creates a ripple effect, leading more positive things to happen. I’m so grateful for this opportunity to generate some of this positive energy – it has reminded me to never lose sight of the most vulnerable people.

Terence Wong

Donating to The Catholic Caring Foundation

I had the pleasure of randomly sitting with one of Forest & Bird’s lawyers a few years ago. I was inspired. I really like that they are independent and fight on multiple fronts for places, flora and fauna that are under pressure from various threats. They’re willing to get out into the field with various activities at a community, volunteer level but they’re probably most potent in the courtroom, which is the last resort in many of these situations. Legal campaigns cost a lot to mount so I hope that my small contribution helps them continue to fight the good fight and hopefully we can preserve some of these special places that New Zealand is known for.

Tom Bond

Donating to Forest & Bird

I have a friend who passed away two years ago from brain cancer. It was a tough time for my friend and his family. Fortunately, with the help of White Matter, my friend and his family managed to accomplish most of his final wishes and those memories became a treasure that remains in the hearts of his family. This is why I chose to donate to White Matter – because I have witnessed the care, support and happiness that they provide to cancer patients and their families during what is such a difficult time. I admire their passion to create joyful memories which exceed the pain, agony and sadness in the last leg of the patient’s journey and I hope my donation will help them to continue to do so.

Yen Cheung

Donating to White Matter Brain Cancer Trust