The People and Projects Behind Our Product

Thankyou Payroll’s Head of Product, Merissa, gives us the lowdown on upcoming changes to our payroll system and how you can get involved. Plus, get to know the awesome people behind our Product Team!

A busy café

Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash

Story time

I like going to La Cloche on Saturdays as it’s a favourite of mine here in Wellington. As you line up, alongside the counter there are delectable treats in the glass cabinet. On the wall above, the food menu gives you more options than would meet your hungry needs. The cafe is noisy yet it provides an ambience for conversation, with good food and great service.

Behind the counter, a hive of orchestrated activity takes place. After the waitress takes our order, the baristas make our coffees with efficiency. Caffeinated drinks  are delivered promptly to our table by one of their friendly staff. Food comes shortly after – no doubt prepared, cooked and presented by chefs in the kitchen. The waitress serves our food and says, “enjoy.”

Behind every step in this process there is someone behind the scenes ensuring a seamless experience for me; the customer. That’s our Product Team in a nutshell; we make sure all the cogs are in the right place and turning like clockwork. We aim to deliver a great experience with our payroll product so that you’re satisfied and can confidently recommend us to your friends and whānau.

A photo of Thankyou Payroll's Product Lead, Merissa Parkinson, smiling in the outdoors

Merissa Parkinson, Head of Product at Thankyou Payroll

What we’re working on, for you

As a team, we believe that delivering a great payroll experience means creating a product that makes you feel relaxed and empowered. We also understand, more than anyone, that compliance and security are paramount amidst an ever-changing digital landscape.

To ensure that we are keeping up with the pace of digital change and your business needs, our key focus for the next few years is modernisation. This not only means moving our existing infrastructure to the cloud but also discovering and implementing more efficient payroll processes to make your life easier.

Building the foundations

We’ve spent the last few months building the foundations for our modernisation journey. Our Brand Refresh Project has played a big role in this stage, ensuring that the way we present ourselves to you is in line with the direction we are heading in.

Preparing for ‘big picture change’

This is our now. We’re currently invested in making subtle improvements to our payroll product so that all of the pieces to the puzzle are accounted for to allow for larger systemic change.

A table of product changes coming soon for Thankyou Payroll

Implementing the ‘big picture change’

Once all of the pieces to the puzzles are in place, we’ll be ready to shift our focus to the ‘big picture projects’. This is where it gets really exciting – here’s what’s on the horizon…

A table of long term product changes for Thankyou Payroll

Help us, help you

As part of our development process, we’ve engaged a number of our customers to advise on their business and payroll challenges which would help us design a better product.

But it doesn’t stop there. Once we’ve built a prototype, we invite you to provide feedback on it so that we can bring your ideas to life in a way that suits your needs.

If you are interested in having your say, we’d love to have you onboard. Click the button below to become a part of our Usability Testing Group.

Together, we can make good things happen for you and your payroll.

Get to know us

So that’s what we’re working on. But who is ‘we’?

Thankyou Payroll’s payroll system is driven by a multicultural team dreaming and delivering a great product and customer experience. Every person has a role to play – or a cog to turn – to make this process happen. Get to know our team below.

I’m a Developer, which means I build and maintain Thankyou Payroll’s web applications using code. I love problem-solving – especially when it’s a problem I initially thought would be impossible to solve. There’s also no greater feeling than finally finding the bug you’ve been looking for.

Bjorn Gronberg

Developer, Thankyou Payroll

My role involves creating new tools and tweaking existing ones within our payroll software – ensuring consistent improvement for you. I’m very familiar with the needs of our customers, having worked on the Onboarding Team for many years too. I’m grateful to be able to use these insights to do what I love – solving problems and unleashing my creativity.

Hamish Fyfe

Business Analyst, Thankyou Payroll

I lead our talented designers, analysts and developers – think of me as the Head Chef. My role involves bringing the team together to collaborate on the long-term product vision and strategy. I love bringing out the best in people and making (good) things happen.

Merissa Parkinson

Head of Product, Thankyou Payroll

I strive to create value by adding features and services to our product that will make the lives of our customers easier. My role involves bridging the gap between our business operations and our Product Team. One can compare my role to that of a Rolex watch assembler; on the one side collecting the perfectly crafted parts and on the other side, having the knowledge to put these pieces together to create a high-quality product.

Shaun Senekal

Business Analyst, Thankyou Payroll

As a Full Stack Developer, I manage the quality of our product from the back end to create positive outcomes on the front end. I love to learn new technologies, read books and explore new things. Most of all, I love being part of a team – surrounding myself with people who build upon my ideas and help me when I’m stuck. That’s our Product Team for me.

Shivangi Maheshvari

Developer, Thankyou Payroll

I oversee the software engineering aspect of our payroll product, ensuring a high industrial standard in terms of both development and operation to meet your needs. When I’m not collaborating with our designers on exciting projects, you’ll find me in the engine room with my sleeves rolled up. However, making a product customers enjoy will always beat the heat of the engine room.

Terence Wong

Tech Lead, Thankyou Payroll

My contributions to the Product Team come primarily in the form of UX (User Experience) design and research. I also bring 10 years of experience and knowledge in the payroll space. I work alongside my team to discover and understand your challenges and how to overcome them. It’s pretty awesome to see how our collective work culminates in improvements that make a measurable difference for our customers.

Tom Bond

UX Designer, Thankyou Payroll

I’ve always had a passion for designing and creating meaningful experiences that are loved by people. My driving force is understanding people, having empathy towards the challenges they are presented with, and helping them find solutions through intuitive design and insightful interaction.

Yen Cheung

UI/UX Designer, Thankyou Payroll