Thankyou Charitable Trust

An important member of the Thankyou Payroll whānau is the Thankyou Charitable Trust. They put the purpose into our payroll service, investing a portion of our profits each year to create a positive impact in communities across Aotearoa New Zealand.

Meet the Thankyou Charitable Trust

The Thankyou Charitable Trust is a registered New Zealand charity supporting communities to grow their resilience, connectedness, well-being and sustainability.

They’re experts in doing little things to make big things happen. To date, the Trust has distributed over $395,000 to 210 kiwi organisations across the country, bringing hundreds of inspiring community projects to life.

Payrolling it forward

In 2013, Thankyou Payroll established the Thankyou Charitable Trust as a way of transforming the work that we do into lasting positive change at a local level.

We’ve been a proud partner and friend of the Trust ever since, donating a portion of our profits to them each year – a gesture made possible by businesses using Thankyou Payroll. Together, we’re helping to make good things happen in communities all around Aotearoa.

And we’re not the only ones making good things happen – anyone can! You can make your own personal contribution.

Stories you make possible

Rainbow Diversity Groups Project

InsideOUT is a national, youth-led, charitable organisation, working to create safer schools and communities for young people of minority sexualities, genders, and sex characteristics. A key focus of their organisation is to start and strengthen rainbow diversity groups in high schools.

With the help of the Trust, this initiative was able to blossom beyond digital mentoring into a tight-knit community across Pōneke, Wellington.

“The Thankyou Charitable Trust grant enabled us to work more closely with student leaders in the Wellington region to provide regular meet-ups, peer-support networks, training, and other relevant tools.”

Eco Warriors Programme

In 2017, Port-Chalmers Kindergarten set out to build a programme for their tamariki to experience and learn about native flora and fauna, community involvement and sustainability at the Orokonui Ecosanctuary. Funding from the Trust brought this vision to life, covering their transportation and education costs.

To date, the Eco Warriors Programme is still running, supporting our next generation with their commitment to conservation.

“With the help of Thankyou Charitable Trust, the kids of Port Chalmers Kindergarten are able to participate in meaningful interactions with nature, whatever the weather, and share this knowledge and enthusiasm with the wider community.”

Taking the First Step

‘Taking the First Step’ is a transformational programme run by the Kingdom Resources office in Addington. The course is designed to empower, equip, and build confidence in women who are looking to gain employment and/or take a step forward in life. In May 2021, the Thankyou Charitable Trust gladly stepped in to provide support for this incredible programme, enabling Kingdom Resources to help women discover their strengths, goals, skills, passions, and direction for future employment.

“It (Taking the First Step) has honestly changed my life in such a short time. I’m a more confident, happy, valuable woman.”

Wainui Coast Project

The Petone Beach Clean Up Crew has been cleaning areas of Petone Beach since 2017.  In 2020, they took on the mission to clean up the Turakirae Head Seal Colony out at the Wainui Coast, resulting in 2042 tonnes of rubbish removed that year. The funding they received from the Trust was used to buy two robust trolleys to bring back the bulky items that they were struggling to carry out of the isolated areas. 

“The trolleys have been worth their weight in gold saving us from having to carry the rubbish out.” 

Courtyard Garden Project

Friend-Link supports people with intellectual disability who are referred because they lack both social contact and interesting things to do. In 2019, one of their people mentioned they enjoyed gardening, and the idea of turning the stark undeveloped courtyard behind their office grew from that. Thanks to the Thank you Charitable Trust, Cargill Enterprises was able to make them four raised garden beds for vegetables. Large pots were also bought in which to grow flowers, and a small existing garden bed was cultivated for herbs. 

“It is confidence building to see the fruits of one’s own labour and we have seen the delight as people inspect the plots each day and see things they have made to grow.”

Make good things happen in your community

Do you know of community projects in your local area? Learn more about how you can apply for a grant from the Thankyou Charitable Trust.