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$6 + (1 employees x $1) = $7 + GST Per Pay

An average of 4.3 Pay Runs per month x $7 = $30.10

  • You save $1 per Pay Run using the Two‑day Plan.
  • 4.3 Pay Runs per month allows for 5 Pay Run months.
  • Rush rates may apply for same-day Pay Runs.

Our offer to you

At Thankyou Payroll, we believe all businesses deserve a good payroll experience – regardless of how deep their pockets are. That’s why all of our plans include:


Compliant payroll calculations


IRD filing to meet compliance requirements


Thankyou Payroll’s employee app


Xero and Workflow Max integration


Guidance from New Zealand based payroll experts via phone or email


Free onboarding from payroll specialists


Pay automation


Automatic payslips


Standard payroll reporting


Feeling good knowing you’re supporting kiwi communities

We keep your costs low

We believe in the power of businesses making good things happen. That’s why we cap your monthly costs – so you can invest more money back into your business.

Regardless of how many pays you run in a month, or which plan you use – you will never pay more than our price caps.

Employees* Monthly Cap
1-3 $36
4-10 $49
11-30 $99
31-50 $159
51+ $249

Prices exclude GST.
* Fees are set based on the number of individual employees paid in a given month.

Choose a plan to suit you

Thankyou Payroll offers two plans: our fast plan and our two day plan. These plans are flexible – meaning you can switch between them each time you run a pay, depending on your needs.

The fast plan

Deposit your payroll funds by 6pm the day before your employees are paid. This plan suits businesses who prioritise their cash flow.

The two day plan

Save $1 per employee, per pay. You’re required to deposit your payroll funds two full business days before your pay is processed. This is a great option if your business is aiming to keep costs low.

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