Thankyou Payroll is NZ’s best value Payroll Software and Intermediary Service.

We’ll take care of your IRD filing and give you back your time. You can get back to your important jobs because we take the pain out of payroll. Easy setup, no hidden fees, no contracts.

Calculate your payroll cost


per month


$6 + (1 employees x $1) = $7 + GST Per Pay

An average of 4.3 Pay Runs per month x $7 = $30.10

  • You save $1 per Pay Run using the Two‑day Plan.
  • 4.3 Pay Runs per month allows for 5 Pay Run months.
  • Rush rates may apply for same-day Pay Runs.

Monthly Caps

Employees*1 – 34 – 1011 – 3031 – 5051+
Monthly Cap$36$49$99$159$249
EmployeesMonthly Cap
1 – 3$36
4 – 10$49
11 – 30$99
31 – 50$159

Prices exclude GST.

* Fees are set based on the number of individual employees paid in a given month.

Two-day Plan vs Fast Plan

Choose a Payroll Plan to suit your cashflow.

When you choose the Two-day Plan you save $1 per employee, per Pay Run.

To use our Fast Plan make your deposit before 6pm the day before Pay Day (or earlier if you like).

If you ever need an urgent – same day – Pay Run, there will be an additional charge of $15.

Two-day Plan vs Fast Plan Diagram
These examples show Pay Day on a Thursday
Two-day Plan vs Fast Plan Diagram
These examples show Pay Day on a Thursday

NZ based Support Team

NZ based Support Team

Our friendly payroll experts can help you navigate the system when you contact us during regular work hours (Monday to Friday). They are kind and patient and they work hard, just like you.

Thankyou Payroll is free for Registered New Zealand Charities

Free for charities

We recognise the value charities contribute to New Zealand so our Payroll Service is free for registered New Zealand charities.

Features included in your plan


Works with WorkflowMax and Xero to transfer information back and forth.


Access your account anytime, anywhere with internet connection.

Payday Filing with IRD

We keep you compliant and file your employment information (EI’s) to the IRD.

Employee App

Employees can keep track of their payslips, leave, and giving all in one place.


Friendly team to help you navigate the system, Monday to Friday.


Employees can donate to their favourite charity and receive an immediate tax rebate.

Get started in three easy steps

Sign up with us

Sign up with us

There are no contracts and no obligations – we make it smooth and easy!

Set up with IRD

Set up with IRD

You need to be registered as an Employer with the IRD and send us an IR920 form.

Add your employees

Add your employees

Enter timesheet info using our easy and friendly user interface.

Pricing FAQs

Are there any hidden fees?

No. We’ve done our best to reduce the amount of fees you pay. You can use our simple calculator and chart to see how much it will cost you depending on what turn around time you need.

What if I pay a different number of employees each month?

Fees are charged based on the number of individual employees paid in a given month.
For example: If you ran 2 pays in a given month and paid 20 employees in the first pay and then 20 different employees in the second pay, you would have paid 40 individual employees in a given month.
This means your prices would be capped based on the 31-50 bracket, not the 11-30 bracket.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, and you will still be able to access your account and data. You will need to inform the IRD of the changes after we’ve filed your final pay and send them an IR913 form

Who takes care of PAYE, Kiwisaver and payday files?

We do! All IRD deductions are included in your transfers to us and we’ll file direct with IRD for you on the day your pay runs.

Why is there a ‘Fast Plan’ and how do I pay for it?

We offer faster ‘turn around’ times (overnight and same-day) at a nominal cost, to allow greater flexibility for businesses that need speedy service. These fees are included in a monthly invoice, payable to us by direct credit or direct debit.

Why are charities free?

We are a purpose driven organisation and our aim is to support community minded businesses. Charities are by definition set up for public benefit, generally non-profit and aimed at supporting communities. In order to help attain these goals we provide a free payroll service.

Can I set up a direct debit?

Yes! The person who has signing authority on the bank account simply needs to fill in the required fields in the ‘settings’ area on your account. Direct debits cannot be used for an overnight, or same-day pay.

What if I miss my payday deposit?

You can move your pay day, or get in contact with us to request a same-day pay depending on when you make your deposit. Processing fees will apply.

Can I pay my staff on Mondays?

Yes, but only if you get in contact with us to request a same day pay.

If I chose the Two-day Plan, what days can I pay my staff?

Tuesday through Saturday. You just need to make sure you allow for two full business days between your transfer to us and your chosen pay day.