Our Brand Refresh Journey: Discovering Our Identity

Alick our Customer Lead, tells the story of how we worked collaboratively to uncover the essence of who we are.

The journey continues with the third blog in our refresh series. If you’re new to this series, make sure to check out the first two, over on our blog!

In this blog, we show you how we pulled all our customer and company insights together to create an identity that was true to who Thankyou Payroll are.

Alick, our Customer Lead, tells the story of discovering our story.

Alick Draper, Customer Lead at Thankyou Payroll

Alick Draper, Customer Lead at Thankyou Payroll

The word ‘brand’ can seem inauthentic to many. These days It is often associated with influences trying to sell you a product for their own personal gain. Going into this project, it was important to me that we transcended this stereotype.

A brand is much more than just trying to sell you something – it’s about how you feel. So our refreshed look and feel couldn’t just focus on the ‘look’. It had to be underpinned by a positive experience each and every time you engaged with Thankyou Payroll that left you feeling great.

We are more than just a logo. We are a team of knowledgeable, caring and energised people who want to look out for our customers and build lasting relationships with them. It’s essential that you know that through the way we communicate with you.

Uncovering our story

Five and Dime have been the true heroes behind our refresh project. They’re a Wellington-based company who tell the stories of people and organisations on a mission to build a better world. 

Helene and Cara from Five and Dime helped us to break down the conversations we had with customers, and build them into the foundations that Thankyou Payroll would stand on.

Over the course of several exciting workshops, we collaborated to define who we were. The personality that emerged was built upon the concepts of expertise and leadership, with compassion, generosity and a desire to build lasting relationships at its core.

What started as a pile of ideas was eventually narrowed down to a core sentence that encapsulated the essence of what Thankyou Payroll was all about.

“Good things happen when we payroll together.”

I remember the first time I read this sentence it instantly put a smile on my face. As we shared it with the wider team it was awesome to see that same smile as they saw that sentence for the first time. We knew we had captured what Thankyou Payroll was about.

The ‘good things’ reflected our customer’s experience and the support they receive, alongside the positive impact that we are able to make throughout New Zealand because of them. The ‘payroll together’ highlighted that we are in partnership with our customers and that we have their backs when we ‘roll’ with each other.

The next challenge was a big one. How do we bring that feeling to life? How does that smile translate into the words we use and the way we present information?

Tune in to our blog tomorrow to find out how this led to our refreshed look and feel.