Online Security: What you need to know

Be aware! Recently there has been an increase in security threats in the payroll industry in Aotearoa New Zealand.

This can come in many forms but usually it comes as an email either from a complete stranger or from what appears to be people or businesses that you know. They will usually contain messages that ask you to do something like click a link or update a password.

Rarer, are more insidious ‘hacking’ of systems that are theoretically secure and contain private data. This is uncommon because it’s generally quite hard to do. It’s much easier to email someone and try to fool them into sharing access credentials, thereby gaining access to services.

Payroll related email scam

Lately we have seen some examples of fraudsters that email employers pretending to be an employee. They ask that ‘their’ bank account number for salary or wages to be updated. Employers update their employee’s account as requested and the employee’s wages go to the fraudulent account.

An example of a bogus email

Payroll managers need to put processes in place to check that change requests from an employee are actually from that employee.

In general, it is important for all businesses to be aware of the possible ways that online information could be compromised.

We highly recommend reading through New Zealand Cyber Information to help you understand the cyber risks that your business faces.

Please also remember that companies like Thankyou Payroll will never ask for your password and you should never share this password with anyone. You should also change your passwords regularly.

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