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First-time CEO and CEO of Thankyou Payroll, David Morrison

David Morrison

Chief Executive Officer 

027 436 6182

Alick Draper, Customer Lead at Thankyou Payroll

Alick Draper

Customer Lead


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Stories of Thankyou Payroll customers


Usedfully is leading the transformation of Aotearoa New Zealand’s clothing and textiles industry into a low carbon, circular economy.

One of their many milestones since joining Thankyou Payroll, has been creating an onshore solution for the recycling of textiles in our roading industry.

“This solution is not only improving the performance of our roads, but its creating jobs and economic opportunity onshore while also reducing waste and emissions.”


Banqer is on a mission to prepare our children for the financial world ahead.  

Not only does Banqer provide schools with a high-quality financial education platform, but they offer free access to primary and intermediate students so that every child is given an equal opportunity to learn. And they’ve had quite the success.

“We’ve been using Thankyou Payroll pretty much since we started having team members to pay. In this time we’ve reached over a quarter of a million primary and secondary students throughout Australasia!” – Simon Brown, Co-CEO of Banqer


PocketSmith is paving the way for a happier society, helping thousands of people in over 190 countries around the world to achieve financial clarity and control over their money. 

“In the nine years that we’ve been with Thankyou Payroll, we’ve hit many milestones and achievements. Our biggest success is the culture of individuality and inclusion that we’ve nurtured in our team over time — this is what enables us to serve our customers from all walks of life with empathy and respect. We don’t take that privilege for granted.” – Jason Leong, CEO & Co-founder 

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