November Price Change

You’ve probably heard about the raft of changes at the Inland Revenue (IRD). Payday Filing is one of them, and has a huge impact on businesses like yours — but we’ve got you covered. We’ll continue to help you meet your PAYE obligations so you can get on with business.

Every minute you and your team spend on admin could be spent on growing your business. We remain committed to saving you hours of time dealing with payroll and with the IRD. To manage the raft of changes, and the extra workload and compliance they bring, we’re introducing a new pricing structure in November this year.

The removal of the PAYE Intermediary Subsidy has also had a considerable effect on our business. We enjoy serving a variety of clients and we’ve worked hard to create an affordable, competitive and simple pricing plan.

At Thankyou Payroll we recognise the contribution charities make to our communities. As a thank you, we’ll keep registered charities on a free plan.

Our pricing from November

From November this year there will be a small cost per pay run, and per employee. This helps us continually improve the Thankyou Payroll system and services so you can get on with business.

We know what it’s like growing a business so we’ve decided to cap the price — for 3 employees or less the maximum you’ll pay per month is only $29. And for under 10 employees you’ll have a maximum of $39 per month.

You can still save money by depositing your pay run early — if you use the 2-day plan and deposit two business days before your payday you get a discount on every employee paid.

Balancing the cost

The history behind Thankyou Payroll’s pricing

Thankyou Payroll started up 10 years ago this year! We are one of many Payroll Intermediaries that provide services in New Zealand. All intermediaries were subsidised to provide this service, but Thankyou Payroll is the only one that offered free intermediary services while also creating a positive social impact in Aotearoa. We’ve donated over $250,000 to the community through the Thankyou Charitable Trust and have saved registered charities over $1,000,000 through free payroll services. It’s been a big decade!

Payroll sector changes

Changes have occurred across the sector, primarily driven by two major changes at Inland Revenue. The new Payday Filing process has significantly increased workload and the removal of the PAYE Intermediary subsidy has affected our subsidised service. In light of these changes, we need to update our pricing so that we can deliver the best payroll service to you and continue to improve those services for thousands of businesses.

Highly competitive

Taking a really good look at our competitor’s pricing was a key part of designing our new plan. Unsurprisingly, there has been a lot of movement out there because of the shift. We are excited to announce we found a way to remain competitive and still the most affordable intermediary service for everyone.

More social good and environmental good

Thankyou Payroll is committed to being leading experts in payroll as well as business-based philanthropy. We promote generosity at the heart of our business and encourage others to do the same. Part of that commitment is offering a free service to registered charities in New Zealand. We promise to honour that as long as possible.

The other part of the commitment is to serve as leaders in environmental responsibility. We are dedicated to operating at carbon-neutral this year and for years to come. We are early advocates in the Climate Leaders Coalition. It’s our pledge to the environment and to future generations in New Zealand.

Next Steps

The change will be rolled out later this year but we wanted to give you as much time as possible to prepare. We’ll be sending emails often so please check your inboxes for the latest news. We’ll also keep this post updated at the top with the latest details.

If you have questions, we’re always at the end of a line. Please don’t hesitate to email or call us at or 0800 895 146.

Ngā mihi nui,
Christina Bellis, CEO

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