Meet Monita (and Buzo)

Monita Reddy is the new face of Thankyou Payroll’s Partner Programme so we thought we’d introduce you… over to you Monita.

Kia ora koutou, Ni sa bula vinaka, Malo, Talofa and hello.

Some of you may have already either met me in person, had a chat with me on the phone, or received an email from me. I have been with Thankyou Payroll for just over 3-years during which I have been lucky enough to have covered various platforms gaining experience and expertise in the Payroll legislation and all its complexities. 

Monita at the Business Expo in Hamilton in 2019.

Joining Thankyou Payroll was a life changing experience for me. In a very short time, I developed a passion that showcases itself everytime I talk about Thankyou Payroll. For people that have met me in person will know exactly what I am talking about-  Thankyou Payroll and the good that we continue to do.

About me

I am a Fijian with Indian heritage over maybe 5 generations. Born and bred in the Islands, I have great passion being able to help my Pacifica People, enabling and empowering them in area’s they struggle with. Graduating from Victoria University last year with an Executive Master’s Degree, I have developed a special interest in public speaking. Thanks to Thankyou Payroll who have given me the opportunity over the years to be able to expose myself and go over and beyond my comfort zone to public speaking and hosting webinars and payroll training.

Apart from work

Monita and Buzo

I enjoy long beach walks, when and if possible. A good book, a nice glass of wine and music can never go wrong with me. Along with my two teenage boys, a dog and a cat, life is pretty adventurous and challenging and I intend to cherish everything and everyone around me as much as possible. Most of my special time is spent with my big boy Buzo (pictured) – we try to climb as many hills around Miramar as possible.

Life’s motto

Forever be grateful!! I am thankful for everything I have, I am thankful for everything I have achieved. 

Life’s lesson

Challenges are meant to make you stronger, never give up!

4 thoughts on “Meet Monita (and Buzo)

  1. Well done Monita. You were the first contact we had with Thank you payroll when our company joined in 2018.
    Monita you always took the time to help me in the early stages, you never made me fell stupid even with the simple issues that I struggled with at first. You never told me to read the website to get my answers. Monita always remembered that we are a business and business are busy so you always answered my question which I really really appreciated.
    I hope all the people you train respect business as much as you do and have.
    All the best in your new role, I know you will be great. I will miss talking to you but who knows maybe we will met again in Hawkes Bay.

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