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At a Glance

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Complete an IR920 form

At the start of the month, we’ll send you an IR920 form. Note: You need to have completed an IR334 form and be registered as a business with IRD.

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We pay your employees

We email their payslips and look after their tax obligations.

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We complete and send your IR348 and IR345 returns to the IRD.

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We have great tools for managing leave, Kiwisaver, reporting and more.

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How it works FAQs

Does Thankyou Payroll take care of PAYE, Kiwisaver and files the monthly employer schedules?

Yes! All IRD deductions are included in your transfers to us and we’ll file direct with the IRD for you.

Can I move my employee’s information from another payroll company?

Yes. If you have CSV files for your employee’s details, you can upload them to our system. We have templates available. Getting leave right can be tricky, so feel free to contact the Help Desk.

Can I integrate my accounting system with Thankyou Payroll?

We offer integration with Xero where you can send invoices as bills payable. We also offer integration with Workflow Max to import timesheet data.

Why does the IRD need to know I’m using Thankyou Payroll?

The IRD only accepts one monthly schedule, and they need to know we have authority to deal with filing obligations on behalf of our clients.

I’m employing for the first time – what else do I need to do?

A few things: make sure you are registered for PAYE, ensure all your employee details are accurate, contact the IRD and/or Employment New Zealand to ensure you understand your obligations and responsibilities.

What about KiwiSaver forms, ACC, GST and other tax?

KiwiSaver forms need to go directly to the IRD. Employee ACC is taken care of by the IRD as part of their PAYE. If an employee is GST registered, you can load that number in our profile and select whether payments are GST inclusive, exclusive, or exempt. We do not take care of Employer ACC obligations, or GST payments.

Can my payroll run automatically?

Yes! If you pay the same amount every pay cycle, we can run pay automatically.

Do I send you timesheets?

No. Our self-service platform allows you to complete timesheets. We do offer integration with Workflow Max to import timesheet data.

Can my employees fill in timesheets?

Currently they cannot, unless given direct access to the account.

Do you have a mobile app?

Yes! The Thankyou Payroll Employee App lets your employees manage their payslips, leave and giving easily all in one place. Download from the Apple App Store or Google Playstore now.

Am I locked into a contract?

No. We operate under no contract obligation. It is free to join, and if no pays are run there are no charges. There is no penalty for leaving.

What is ‘payroll giving’?

An initiative by the IRD to promote donations straight from an employee’s pay packet. Employees can choose their favourite charity, and will automatically see a rebate in their pay.

Which bank does Thankyou Payroll use?

We are with the BNZ.