Get started with Thankyou Payroll

Get started with Thankyou Payroll

Great, you want to set up your payroll, with Thankyou Payroll, so you can get back to your other important jobs.

We’ll pay your team for you, handle the payday filing and deal with the IRD (if required) – before we can do that we need to set up a few things.

Ready to go?

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What happens next

To get started we’ll walk you through a few forms: we’ll need your details, your company details, your administrator’s details (that’s probably you).

Once you’re set up you’ll need to add your employees and set up their pay rates.

The process when you sign up with Thankyou Payroll
The process when you sign up with Thankyou Payroll

After you’re set up all you’ll need to do – before each payday – is set up your employees time-sheets, deposit their wages and that’s it. If you pay the same amount each pay day we can even automate it for you.

Need help?

Our team can walk you through the set up process – book a time with our team to help you get set up quickly and easily.

Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy. All of your information is completely confidential and will never be shared. For more information please read our Privacy Policy.

Thankyou Payroll is a Registered Payroll Intermediary with the IRD.

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