We put purpose and profit side by side.

Thankyou Payroll is a social enterprise that offers a cloud-based payroll software system to manage all the complexities of payroll, leave entitlements and taxes.

Our Team

Our Team: Standing – from left: Brendan Schenk, Alex Gilks, Saima Ali, Peter Ashby, Karyn Campbell, Silvana Schlieper, Monita Reddy, Sebastian Ibanez, Hugh Davidson. Sitting – from left: Catarina Gutierrez, Christina Bellis, Lesleigh Romond, Heather Allott, Bjorn Gronberg

Inset: Caitlin Weich, Caro Timms, Janie Tito, Tom Bond, Patrik Niebur, Megan Pearce

Not pictured: Jody Jackson

Thankyou Payroll is a social enterprise that puts purpose and profit side by side. We provide affordable payroll intermediary services to small businesses and charities all over New Zealand.

But we’re so much more than just payroll.

We have a unique business model that makes payroll accessible for everyone. We give to Thankyou Charitable Trust who distributes grants to underserved postcodes around New Zealand. We have offices based in Wellington and Dunedin, full of passionate people who share our kaupapa.

We’re carbon-neutral certified and take sustainability seriously, threading it throughout our business activities. Our extended whānau includes many doggos and wee ones, as well as our greater community of customers, Directors and shareholders. Without them, Thankyou Payroll would not be possible.

Being a part of Thankyou Payroll means contributing to something bigger than just payroll. We love our mahi and believe in the power of business for good. Ekos accredited

We’re carbon-neutral accredited by Ekos Wheelbarrow with love

We do lots of giving and also promote others to do payroll giving Two main offices

HQ is Newtown, Wellington, but we also have an office in Dunedin From our Instagram